Eco-Burner is a refillable burner that is placed under the chafing dish to supply a portable heat source that is more effective, safer, cleaner and greener. Simply Fill the Eco-Burner with specially made Eco-Burner Fuel , supplied in canisters. Each canister contains approximately five refills of gas, there is no wastage of fuel and there’s no leftover toxic fuel going to landfill as the canisters are recyclable. The product has been successfully launched in over 50 countries globally.
EcoBurner Fuel Pot


  • Eco-Burner switches off if overturned or overheats.
  • The refillable burner is always cool-to-touch.
  • No risk of dangerous fuel spills.


  • Using Eco-Burner means that there’s no pots of toxic chemicals left open next to food.


  • Eco-Burner creates 75% less carbon emissions than gel or wick pots as Certified by Carbon Footprints Ltd.
  • No more build-up of used gels/pots going to landfill
  • The Eco-Burner Fuel cans are recyclable
  • The Eco-Burner is refillable meaning ZERO waste – gel & wick burners usually waste 30% fuel
Always Cool to Touch

Shuts off if overturned or overheats

Zero Fuel Waste

Always Cool to Touch

Shuts off if overturned or overheats

Zero Fuel Waste

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EcoBurner has been independently tested by Carbon Footprint who verify that there’s greater than 75% reduction in your carbon emissions when you switch from traditional chafing fuels to EcoBurner.

Carbon Savings Initiative

If you already use EcoBurner and want to tell your customers about how much carbon you’ve saved, we can send you a Carbon Saving Certificate – just fill in our form about how much EcoBurner fuel you’ve used and your distributor will send you a cert.

Carbon Saving Initiative

Instructions for Use

Simply fill the EcoBurner with EcoBurner fuel, turn on, light, adjust to the required setting and position under your chafing dish


EcoBurner Fill

Turn On

Turn on Burner


Burner Light


Adjusting Burner Fill


EcoBurner instructions_position



To further enhance the power of EcoBurner, an attachment is available that brings EcoBurner closer to the dish. By creating a heat chamber that disperses the heat more effectively, EcoBoost reduces the amount of fuel needed to keep food warm. It also enhances the wind-proofing benefits so it’s ideal for outdoor use in any catering situation.

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