Everyone knows that we eat with our eyes. That’s why we created EcoServe – it gives you the opportunity to present your fabulous food creations more stylishly and improve the buffet atmosphere for everyone.
Catering Buffet


  • Unique design brings style to buffets
  • Custom made options for colour and size


  • Aluminium hotplate keeps the food warm
  • Helps conserve water
  • No water is needed hence no water is wasted

Quick & Safe

  • No need for dangerous water pans
  • Hot in less than 10 minutes
  • Simply swap dishes for fresh portions with ease
  • Use EcoBurner so staff and guests are no longer subject to Toxic chafing fuels


  • No electricity so no cables – ideal for both indoor and outdoor events


  • Build your buffet according to your needs
  • As less as one or 50+ EcoServes will look great at events

EcoServe Customers Photos

Do you have photos of your guests enjoying food from EcoServe? We’d love to see them, please send them to demo@falconinnovations.in